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About Genmedic

The Genmedic story dates back to a summer afternoon in 2010, at Amar's and Swathi's home in Hyderabad, India.

For what felt like the millionth time, Swathi was trying to get their little boy, Advait, to take his nutritional supplements. Like every other kid his age, he absolutely hated them - the medicinal taste, the odour, the texture, right down to the packaging which was anything but kid-friendly. Syrups, pills, powder formats - they had tried the lot. It was turning into a regular nightmare.

By pure coincidence or divine intervention, Corbin, their friend from the US, happened to pay them a visit just then. And among other things, he was carrying a few vitamin gummies with him.

These gummies were all the rage in the US - they tasted as good as candy and were loaded with the good stuff. And did Advait love them! Amar, Swathi and Corbin had unwittingly discovered something startling: kids' nutritional supplements in India didn't understand kids at all. The trio decided to take it upon themselves to bridge this gap.

The rest is history in the making. A little research showed that 40% of Indian children were undernourished. Plus there were no domestic nutritional gummy brands to speak of. As for the foreign brands, they were not only priced well beyond the reach of the average household, they were also made of gelatin, and were an absolute no-no for the vegetarian majority in India.

Several brain-storming sessions and trips to foreign markets later, plans started falling into place. Meticulous R&D, German expertise and three friends with a dream made for the right mix – Genmedic was incorporated in 2013, with a full-fledged manufacturing facility at Hyderabad. Tasty, healthy, vegetarian gummies rolled out in the brightest of natural colours, and kids’ nutrition would never be the same again.

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